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EARTHWORKS reservoir
Earthworks Reservoir  Subsurface Description Solutions and Technologies from Experts for Experts

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Earthworks Reservoir New Technical Poster as showcased at Petex and Prospex 2018 “Improved Identification of Genuine DHIs and Suppression of False Anomalies using Interactive Amplitude-Thickness Crossplots and Seismic Trace Detuning”            To receive your free copy contact us at :  

Earthworks Reservoir

Company Profile

Earthworks Reservoir provides specialised expertise and turnkey project work to the oil and gas industry. Earthworks Reservoir are experts in geophysics, geology and geostatistics. The team provides data processing and analysis for description of subsurface geology of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Earthworks Reservoir has an international client base and has worked datasets from Exploration to Production for clients all over the world including fields and prospects in Canada, USA, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, UK, Denmark, Italy,  Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Uganda Syria, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia Our clients include Majors, large independents, small independents and start-up oil companies.  Our regular clients return for the quality and expertise they know we can provide and our track record of successful seismic inversion studies, depth and volumetric uncertainty evaluations and reservoir characterization and modelling speaks for itself. Earthworks Reservoir provides: Services include pre- and post-stack seismic inversion, stochastic seismic inversion, reservoir modelling, geostatistical depth conversion, seismic QI, lithology, facies and fluid prediction, rock physics and volumetric studies. Software Earthworks Seismic Inverison (ESI) plug-in for Petrel and DecisionSpace as well as HIIP, our revolutionary depth and volumetric uncertainty analysis software.

Training Provision of world-class courses in seismic inversion, geostatistics and reservoir modelling and depth conversion and GRV


Consultancy for when you need a second opinion.

Earthworks Reservoir in GeoExpro 2018

We are delighted to announce that Ashley Francis Director of Earthworks Reservoir has been published once again in the GeoExpro magazine. Use the following link to read both parts of the article. A Simple Guide to Depth Conversion - Part 1 https://www.geoexpro.com/articles/2018/05/a-simple-guide-to-seismic-depth-conversion-i A Simple Guide to Depth Conversion - Part 2   https://www.geoexpro.com/articles/2018/08/a-simple-guide-to-seismic-depth-conversion-ii

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HIIP V2.6.1 New Features:

VPP Module:

Area depth information can now be calculated based on hydrocarbon column height as well as contact depth New Probability Distribution Functions (PDF), have been added so that area depth calculations on either contact or column  height do not need to be treated exclusively as a uniform distribution o ‘Slice’ through your prospect and see the area-depth information obtained using functions such as normal,           log-normal and triangular o A brand new beta function has been added o Advantageous to use as it is a bounded distribution (unlike normal etc.) A new layer model allows the stacking of as many reservoir or waste zone intervals as required for the prospect, allowing the building of a complex reservoir model for volumetric analysis

Depth Conversion Module:

Significant performance improvements throughout the depth conversion and improved management if very large well data sets Apparent velocity grids for any interval/method can now be generated for any depth conversion function and saved to the work tree, intended for use in 3rd party depth conversion packages An intermediate tie can now be applied for a V0+Kz. Shift the preceding horizon by the mean of the depth residuals at the well to ensure the velocity at top of layer  is more accurate Residual reporting includes well XY coordinates

Gridding & Utility:

Median filters can now be applied to a grid to remove anomalous values with changing the structure of the grid A brand new morphological operations module has been added allowing the user to process and filter noise from amplitude grids o Options such as ‘close’ and ‘open’ give the user flexibility to remove noise and anomalous values from the           fringes of amplitude anomalies while also accounting for amplitude area lost due to tuning/ thinning of           the reservoir Upgrades and improvement to Petrel data bridge
Consultants in Exploration and Production to the Oil and Gas Industry
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