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HIIP is a depth structure uncertainty and volumetric calculator tool for fast and easy computation of field and prospect volumes and will be of value whether working in exploration, appraisal or field development. Running under Windows operating systems HIIP is a Java- based software package. Easy to use and portable, HIIP can be run on laptops or desktop PCs and is ideal for rapid testing of volumetric scenarios. Whether in the office or data room, HIIP is an essential tool for geoscientists, new ventures and asset managers. HIIP allows the user to either create or load existing depth maps and generate multiple geostatistical realisations of depth structure in order to estimate the full range of depth and volumetric uncertainty over a particular area of interest. A comprehensive set of geological scenarios can then be tested in a short time period to come up with GRV ranges. Play and prospect risk factors and probability distributions for petrophysics, fluids and recovery can then be set in order to make probabilistic calculations of HIIP (Hydrocarbons Initially In Place) and Reserves. New Depth Conversion Module - Version 2.0 onwards allows: Fast and simple depth conversion of two-way-time grids Single or multiple layer models Easy comparison of depth conversion scenarios Quickly create depth grids for volumetric calculations To request a copy of the latest release please email:     Or download the HIIP Data sheet.
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Earthworks Seismic Inversion

The ESI plug-in for Petrel is a cost effective, ultra-fast Stochastic Inversion software solution that allows users of existing deterministic inversion packages to extend their stochastic inversion technology capabilities. Stochastic Inversion is used to understand the uncertainty in Seismic Inversion and allows the user to explore the impact of this geophysical uncertainty on the lithology, porosity or reservoir volumes over the 3D seismic volume inverted. This plug-in also features deterministic inversion as well as 3D A priori model building. Earthworks’ ESI plug-in is currently available in both Sclumberger’s Petrel software and in Landmark’s DecisionSpace Earthworks Seismic Inversion for Petrel The new Petrel plug-in product is ready for download from the Schlumberger Ocean** Store. A free trial version is available for a limited time period. Contact us for more information. * Mark of Schlumberger Earthworks Seismic Inversion for DecisionSpace Download DecisionSpace release notes http://esd.halliburton.com/ESD/Software/plug- ins/Earthworks/5000/release/Earthworks_SI_5000.8.2.0_Relese Notes.pdf Earthworks Seismic Inversion for OpendTect A post-stack only version of Earthworks deterministic and stochastic inversion technology is also available as the MPSI  plug-in for the OpendTect platform. The MPSI deterministic and stochastic seismic inversion software has been commercially developed from Earthworks in- house technology. Developed in partnership with ARK CLS there are 3 modules currently available in the OpendTect plug in. * Mark of Landmark
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Known Values
Basic Geometry
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Point 1
X:    Y: 
Inline:    Crossline: 

Known data: 

Inline direction:    Crossline direction: 
Point 2
X:    Y: 
Inline:    Crossline: 

Point 3
X:    Y: 
Inline:    Crossline: 


(inline, crossline) to (x,y)
Inline:  Crossline: 
X:  Y: 
(x,y) to (inline, crossline)
X:  Y: 
Inline:  Crossline: 
Inline direction:  Crossline direction: 


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